Monday, April 25, 2011

Lindsay Life:)

We had a great Easter, we spent Saturday on the mountain at "Easter Valley" had a picnic and easter egg hunt! Sunday morning was so fun, the kids loved all their goodies they got from the Easter Bunny:)

Quinn had a great time during his wrestluing camp, he did great! He had to wrestle 3rd and 4th graders because of his weight division, but he still dominated and had a blast:) We tried USA wrestling but their wasn't anyone in his weight division for his age, so we had to cut the season short:)

Poor little Carissa brike her leg:( She was on the tramp and came down on Q's foot and it buckled. We took her to Billings where she decided on a pink cast, unlce Nick came over to see her, and then we went out to eat with uncle Nick and aunt Lindi. She is now is a half cast and it is purple this time. She is healing quickly and cannot wait to start sunning again;)