Saturday, March 27, 2010

Tender Mercies

With a full day of wrestling and track meets, my Saturday was pretty much all but over when we got home this evening and with a talk to write for my son, a RS Lesson to prepare, a huge assignment due (that I hadn’t even started…..) my night was looking endless again (considering we didn’t sleep the night before because poor little Celeste is teething and miserable and wants to make sure everyone knows it!!)
Our nightly routine of scripture study was almost nixed due to me feeling there was not enough time to include that in my already seemingly full night. Due to my wonderful children this was not an option. I sat down found a talk for Quinn off the internet while the kids were finding their places in their scriptures and getting settled in, I printed it off just as they started calling me to tell me they were ready. We sat down and had a great little scripture study together, after we were done Quinn read and practiced his talk close to flawlessly, after prayers and several hugs and kisses the kids went to bed with no fight, I was able to finish my assignment in less than an hour (big deal for me), and as a surprise my teacher found I had made a huge error (like doing a previous assignment completely wrong) and allowed me to revise and resubmit for full credit, I have just finishing touches to add to my RS Lesson in the morning and I am getting to bed before midnight and the baby is still sleeping soundly……. Lesson learned It is SO important to take time to do the seemingly little things to make the seemingly big things go more smoothly :)

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Today was Q-man's first wrestling match and he had a blast, he ended the match 1-1!! Not bad for only two practices. He had long day, but had so much fun:)

Unfortunatly I did not get to go, as I had yet another test to take, blah:P I cannot wait to be DONE!!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


This past weekend we went to State Indoor to watch Tyler and AJ. Tyler dominated and took 1st and AJ did amazing as well at 5th place:) We also got to visit Aunt Tammy, Uncle Steve and hang out with Aaron and Aalissa as well. Aunt Tammy decked our little pokes out in Wyo gear and bought us tickets to the game on Saturday as well. The kids had a blast dancing to the music and cheering on the Cowgirls. As we were walking through the feild house on our way to the game we had an awesome photo op. and had to take it, the boys fought over the 1st place spot but fortunalty got over it so we could get the following picture:0) It is always a little crazy trveling with kids, and a sick baby doesn't make it any easier, but the fun parts of the trip always make them worth it and make me think it is a great idea the next time we decide to take a trip.