Friday, October 30, 2009

Party Time

The kids all had their Halloween Parties today so Celeste and I spent our afternoon running from party to party. We dropped Princess Carissa off at her party and then headed over to the boys' school for the Halloween Parade with Chad. After the boys paraded across the stage we helped set things up for CJ's party. CJ's teacher asked if I could get things organized for their class party so I called my friend Aubrey because her little girl is in CJ's class and pawned it off on her (thanks for ALL your help:) We then went to check Quinn's party out.
After the boys parties we went back over to spend a little time with Carissa at her party. They all had so much fun, we are so lucky our kids have such great teachers who take the time to do such fun things for our little ones.

Last night we had a chance to celebrate Mom's birthday with dinner and cake and ice cream out at our house. We had fun getting all together and celebrating our wonderful mom:)

After the party I asked my mom to help me finish up costumes for the kids' Halloween parties the next day (thanks soooo much for the help, they were so excited to see their costumes when they woke up this morning, especially Sonic. He ran around like a crazy man:)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pumpkin Time

Last night for FHE we carved Jack O' Lanterns. The kids drew the faces they wanted carved out on their pumpkins they picked, I cut the tops off and we let them go at it for awhile until they were up to their elbows in pumpkin goo..............., then Chad and I finished them off for them.Very messy but very fun! After we had all the goop out of the pumpkins I sent them upstairs for a bath while I finished carving the pumpkins and put candles inside (fastest bath ever I might add:). Then they got a treat of popcorn and peanut M&ms to enjoy while they sat around with their pumpkins all lit up. I am not sure how out and about we are going to be this year for all the Halloween activities going on with all the sickness going around (we are trying to stay away from it), but we are planning on the trunk-or-treat on Sat. for sure and the normal stops of grandma and grandpa's and aunt Jodi's. The kids all have their Halloween parties at their schools on Friday as well, so I am sure they will get plenty of treats.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

BIG Changes

We have some big changes coming up in our lives......... I have been working on my Elementary Ed, degree for the past 18 months and I am set to graduate and begin my student teaching program in Aug. I was then going to start subbing to kind of get my foot in the door until a full time position opened up that I could apply for. We have been praying and working to be able to do what was best for our family. A couple of weeks ago there was an advertisement for a paraprofessional job for a Special Ed. Aide at the Elementary and Middle School, Chad and I talked about it and decided this would be a great in, where I could get to know the students, the staff and how the system works. I would also be able to do my observations and go right into my student teaching from there. I decided to apply and ended up getting the position. Things are happening a little sooner that I had originally anticipated when I went back to school, but when opportunities are placed in front of us I feel it is important to take them.
I found an amazing lady who has recently moved to Lovell and opened an in-home day care right around the corner from the school. She is a member of the Church and is great, I have taken the girls over a couple times already to familiarize them with the whole concept, Carissa really enjoys going and is already asking to go back and play. I was hoping the school would just let me take Celeste to work with me in a back pack if I promised she would be really good, but no go;) I am awaiting my background check to go through before I officially start so I have a little time to wean myself from my little girlies:( I am excited to be able to be around my boys and dad during the day though, that will really help.

Thursday, October 8, 2009


Yesterday as I was driving around running kids to activities and other errands we had the following conversations:)......
Q: Hey mom, someone kicked me today at recess:(
Me: What did you do?
Q: Um, kick him back..... hard.
Before I could say good job, don't start fights, but finish them;) CJ jumped in.....
CJ: QUINN!!!, what have I always told you and told you, don't be mean back! IGNORE, WALK AWAY or TALK IT OUT!!! How could you?!?!?....
Q: Sorry, I didn't know those were the rules.

Oops, guess I didn't know the rules either:)

The next conversation we lead into was:

CJ: Mom, today in the lunch line some girls kept tickling the back of my neck and I did NOT like it!!!
Me: What did you do?
CJ: I asked them very nicely to please stop.
Me: Did they stop?
CJ: NO! They just started giggling and doing it again......
Me: Well, girls are kind of silly. When they like you sometimes they do silly things to get your attention.
CJ: Well, that is NOT the way to get me to like them!!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Kiddo Update

CJ came home from school today very excited. He told me that he ran for student council and that he was nominated!! He told me that his teacher asked the class who would like run for class representative, she wrote the names of all the kids who raised their hand. Then everyone was to put their head on their desk and close their eyes and raise their hand for the person they wanted to vote for when she called out their name. He also got his name on the 100s board today (thank you grandpa), they are working on the streets around the school and they have orange cones set up to keep students away from construction, some were knocked down and CJ went and picked them all up to keep the kids safe;)

Quinn is loving kindergarten and is getting into the swing of things, he works really hard to keep his green ticket, if he keeps his green ticket all week he gets to pick a prize from the treasure box.

Carissa had picture day today at school and was so excited to get all dressed up for the occasion. She is loving school!

Celeste had her 4 month check-up and shots on Tuesday, she weighed in at 19lbs13oz. she is off the charts and still growing, she is such a little chunk! I LOVE kissing her chubby little cheeks all day:X