Monday, August 9, 2010

Fun with cousins:)

My Aunt Pam and cousin Alisha came for Matt and Megan's reception, it was a quick visit, but it was so fun to be with them for a short time. Alisha and I have kids really close in age and they all just gravitated towards eachother and became best buddies. It was so fun to watch them play, we so need to take a trip to Idaho to hang out again, too much fun!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Wedding Pics.

The kids didn't get to go to Denver for the wedding, but they had so much fun with the chocolate fountain at the reception. I still didn't get pictures of our whole family together, so we will just have to do family pictures sometime. Chad snapped a few cute ones at the reception though:)

I was able to fly to Dever a couple weeks ago to attend Matt and Megan's wedding. It was fun to see everyone and be there, even though my family didn't get to go with. It was a quick trip, but I was glad I was able to go.