Sunday, June 28, 2009

Splish Splash

We were lucky enough to have our niece Aalissa come and visit for a few days. She was such a big help with the kids and the new baby. It was nice to be able to get out of the house during the day and go play with the kids at the kiddy pool with an extra set of hands. The weather has been so nice during the day, even with the occasional rain storm. We had just enough sunshine to spend a couple hours at the pool before the dark clouds started to role in.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

T-ball Time

We just finished up our first season of T-ball. This was the boys’ first year and they were short on coaches, even though this wasn’t the best year for us to volunteer and we didn’t know the first thing about coaching t-ball we wanted to help out so we volunteered to coach, fortunately we had a bye the day Celeste was born (thanks Tashie ;) It was a little crazy with Chad’s work schedule, the new baby and packing four kids and t-ball equipment all up for games, but we had a lot of help from friends and family. We had a really young team this year and since this was our first year as well we all fit pretty well together. We learned a lot about t-ball and had fun spending time as a family. It has been a really good learning experience for us and the kids always got treats after all the games so they always left with big smiles on their faces and we even finished up the season with a WIN!!

Batter up CJ
Batter Up Quinn

CJ batting

Q-man batting

CJ taking a break

Carissa loved the pink helmet

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

I just wanted to take a minute and write down a few of the reasons I am grateful for Chad and the wonderful father he is to our little ones:

· He is not only my best friend, but the kid’s best friend as well.

· He is a wonderful provider and works hard so we can enjoy the comforts we do.

· He is a very giving person, of his time, talents, and anything else he can offer.

· He is honest and trustworthy.

· I am grateful for his strength, not only physical but he is the rock when things aren’t always perfect.

· He is a great listener and knows the right thing to say.

· He loves his family and would do anything for them.

· He is one of smartest people I have ever met and is a great teacher.

· He has a strong testimony and loves his Heavenly Father.

· I love his sense of humor, he is so fun to be around and to laugh with, he has a great laugh.

· He is my love and I am so grateful for him and that he is the father of my children. I am so grateful I have eternity to spend with him and our family. I love you Chad.

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Little Celeste

Celeste is getting so big so fast! She is such a little cuddle bug and just a sweet mellow baby, fortunately she just goes with the flow of our on the go, hectic life, we are enjoying every minute with her. Her brothers and sister just adore her and she loves it when they talk and sing to her, she is the perfect fit to our family.

Belated Birthday

I am a little late but I really did want to thank everyone for helping me celebrate my birthday! My birthday was on a Friday this year and also the day before State Games. The boys wanted to compete so Chad and Uncle Russ took the boys to Casper Friday night so they could compete the next day (Russ got a bunch of great pics. of the boys running and jumping that I need to track down.) Chad and the kids threw me a party Friday afternoon before they had to take off and then Sunday we went over to mom and dads for dinner and more cake. Always a bonus to have multiple parties.