Friday, May 29, 2009

Sweet Baby Celeste

We welcomed Celeste Ann Lindsay May 27th at 5:11p.m. She weighed 9 lbs. 2 oz. and was 21 inches long. She was 2 weeks 3 days early and we were glad she decided to come early. I went in Tuesday and got stripped to almost a 6, he didn’t have to try very hard before he said ”oh, I think I am going to stop you there and let you get home and get things ready and we will probably see you this afternoon or tonight.” I started having some contractions, but not consistent so we had a long night. The next morning not much difference until about 10:30a.m., I called Chad and told him they were pretty consistent and I was going to take a shower and get ready. We called and told the hospital we were coming, took our time, dropped the kids off and headed up. We got up there about 2:00 and still nothing major, but consistent so they had me walk for about 10 min. then Dr. Ellis came over to check me and broke my water and said to call when I was ready, things went really fast after that, almost too fast. I started having major contractions and asked for my epidural, they tried and I was so far that it wasn’t working at all. I said I needed something, so they hurried and did a spinal, soooo much better after that. She came fast and she is beautiful! The kids absolutely adore her; they came to see me the next morning. CJ looked at her and started to get teary eyed and I said “what’s wrong buddy?” he said “oh, they are just tears of joy.” Quinn was holding her a little later and said “oh, she is gorgeous, just look at her little armpit.” Carissa saw her for the first time and said “Wow, I just love her, I so proud of you mom!”

Sleepy Daddy with his pretty little girls:)

Monday, May 25, 2009

Quinn's Birthday

Quinn man turned the big 5 on the 22nd!! He is into SONIC the Hedgehog ( or should I say he is Sonic the Hedgehog, he has already informed me he is changing his name when he grows up) and has been giving me the details on how his party would look and what he was going to get for weeks. Sonic is just about the hardest party theme to have, we had to get creative because they don’t make Sonic birthday decorations (that I can find anyway), the closest I found was Mario Brothers, but since Sonic wasn’t in the group Quinn gave it the thumbs down. So I turned to the Internet and made a Sonic Happy Birthday Banner using pictures I googled, he loved it so score one for mom on that one!
Since most everyone was at State this weekend, Quinn had multiple parties.
FRIDAY: Was not only Quinn’s real birthday, but also CJ’s last day of school and then he had a play date afterwards. I a spent the day attempting to clean, decorate, and finish all my homework. Poor Quinners didn’t have much of a “real” birthday, but we made up for it the next two days.
SATURDAY: Was Chuck-E-Cheese day in Billings. Aunt Tammy, Aaron and Aalissa got into town and they along with Jodi, Kim, Ken, Taysum and Bailey were able to go with us as well. The kids had such a fun day, maybe a little too much. They were all going about 100 miles an hour all day, and then to top things off we took them to Cold Stone to add to their fire before we headed home. Talk about crash and burn; they were so wiped on the way home
SUNDAY: Everyone else got home by Sunday so we had his cake and ice-cream party then and he finally got to open his presents,” the sweetest thing that you’ll ever find in the whole wide world is a happy boy.” He was a happy boy when he finally got his Sonic Party, it was nice to have everyone over and celebrate our sweet little boy with us.
Now we can just sit back and relax and wait for baby!

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Today was CJ’s “FUN DAY” at school! They had the kids walk over to the High School this morning for some fun track and field events. They started out with relay races; CJ’s class won the bean bag carry.

Next they had tug of wars, they divided up the three kindergarten classes boys vs boys and girls vs girls. CJ’s class won two out of the three!

Next they were off to the long jump. CJ did great; he jumped clear out of my shot while I was trying to get a picture.

They then sent the kids over to where they had an awesome obstacle course set up. They had the kids run through land mines, tires, walk over a see saw bridge, and army crawl under the “electric wires.” Quinn and Carissa were great cheerleaders and had so much watching CJ!

After the fun track and field events they took the kids swimming and then back over to the school for lunch and they got to eat their lunches outside. After lunch they took the kids to a movie at the Hyart for a movie (provided by his dad:) CJ had such a great day; he is going to sleep well tonight!!
(On another note, I forgot to add about my last doctor's appointment:) They did an ultra-sound last week because I was showing bigger than my dates. Tuesday the 19th when I went up for my appointment for the results, my doctor told me that the baby was already over 9lbs and showed to be 39 weeks along, WOW! He told me he would get me started Friday if I wanted, but considering everyone is going to be in Casper for State and it is Quinn's Birthday I decided to hold off until Tuesday the 26th. He is going to strip me then and then hopfully we will have our new little girl:0))

Friday, May 15, 2009

Quinn's Graduation 2009!

Our big Q-man graduated from pre-school, I can’t believe I am going to have three is school next year (two in elementary and Carissa starts pre-school, what?), WOW! We signed up to do treats for graduation so we made graduation cap cupcakes. We had a lot of fun putting these together and fortunately they were super simple so I didn’t stress myself out (too much:)

They had the kids put on a really cute program for the parents and since I can’t figure out how to download videos from my phone, we just have cute pictures.

Quinn’s Preschool Picture 2008-2009

V.I.P. Class of 2009 (Quinn sitting by his best buddy Jack:)

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spoils of Mother's Day

Card from Lindi, so sweet!!

These are the tiles Lindi made for my mom, sis and I! Love them!!

I was so glad Lindi put these on her blog, her photos came out a lot clearer than mine and I wanted to have them on my page as well, I am so lucky to have such a talented sis-in-law. Love ya Lindi and thanks again!!


I woke up Mother's Day morning to so many fun presents! Quinn made me a flower pot with a picture of him on the flower (and a picture he painted of Sonic on the flower pot), CJ gave me his special people book with some extra pictures and fun stuff we hadn't seen before, Chad got me a dozen beautiful red roses, chocolate, candles and a gift certificate for a mani/pedi (I needed soooo bad since I can't reach my toes anymore:)), he let each of the kids pick out a cute card and sign it for me too. Very nice morning! After church Kim stopped by with more chocolate, yum, and a card. Later we went over to Mom and Dad's where I got even more presents a beautiful wall hanging from mom and dad and Lindi sent me an awesome tile that had the letter F in the background and forever family in the front, love it! It was such a great day, I just love being a mother and wife (even if I hadn't gotten all the fun presents:)
Mother’s Day is not only a day to celebrate, but also a day of remembrance for our family. Chad lost his mom to cancer when he was very young and before we started a family of our own, it was kind of a hard day. I think about his mom a lot on mother’s day and how proud she would be of all he has accomplished. Though I usually take it for granted, I am so fortunate to have my mom and also to be able to live so close, she has always been such a great example to me and one of my best friends. Happy Mother’s Day to all the wonderful Mother’s in our lives!!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Princess Party

Carissa turned three on Cinco de Mayo!! She of course had to have a Princess Party and had a great time. CJ was at school during the day and Quinn had a play date so we went with Aunt Kim, Taysum and Bailey to McDonalds for lunch. She wanted pizza and fruit on a stick for dinner so we made fruit shish kabobs and take and bake pizzas for dinner. Then it was time to open presents, she got a bunch of new clothes, princess ponies, movies and mom and dad redid her room (including a big girl bed) in princess d├ęcor! She wanted a pink princess cake and picked out rainbow ice-cream for cake and ice-cream. She had so much fun with all her aunts, uncles, cousins and grandma and grandpas. Thanks everyone for making our little princess’s birthday so special

Sunday, May 3, 2009


What an amazing and spiritually uplifting day! My mom, sister and I had the opportunity to go to Time Out for Women Sat. the 2nd. We had the opportunity to hear from several speakers who shared their testimonies with us, including Hilary Weeks, DeAnne Flynn, Chris Stewart, Kris Belcher and Kim Nelson. The testimonies they shared were wonderful! It was so fun to hang out with my mom and sis. for the day. We got to catch up with some old friends and have a fun girl’s day out thanks to our hubbies who took care of the kids and held down the fort while we were gone for the day (I even came home to dinner and a clean house, yay!)