Sunday, July 22, 2012

Big Sky

 We spent the weekend in Billings at the Big Sky State Games...the boys did great! They participated in the shot, disc, 55m and 100m dashes...Quinn took home two silvers in the shot and disc and CJ came away with 2 bronze medals in the shot and disc and a silver in the 55m dash. They both qualified for the State Games of America in Hershey Pennsylvania next year..... Chad was able to participate as well, it was so fun to watch him throw and see him in his element. The boys really look up to him and can't wait to be like their dad when they grow up!
After the meet we headed back to the hotel and swam and did the water slide for a couple hours, then we headed over to visit uncle Nick. He gave us a tour of the Lockwood Fire Dept. and showed the kids the fire trucks and all his gear...

After our visit to Lockwood we headed over to the temple, we got there a little late and they had already closed the gates around the temple grounds. We found a great view and took some pics... the kids found a great hill on the other side of the road from the temple and decided to run up and roll down the hill. Then we headed out to eat and got to bed early...

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